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Update 8 - Guess Who's Back? Back Again?

Posted by shintsukimi205 - July 26th, 2021

These are for the people that seemingly check in from time to time, and the people intrigued in reading this. If you want to proceed, despite this being very short, be my guest!

Hey all! I finally did an update after all these weeks! Sorry for the long wait time.

I wonder if people miss these things...

Anyhow, I don't wanna waste your time more than I should, so... here we go!

Expect more updates, like, significantly more, hahahhHAHAHAHAHAHA-

Reality Check - Still doin' okay, thanks for askin'!


Updates + Remarks (At least those I'll reveal/tease)

A. Delusatory Diegesis (ON HOLD)


4/9 are... still completed as of writing this, though for now, to make way for a certain project (which will be revealed next, and something I'm sure most know about), I'll place it on hold for now...

Though, if ya still wanna pick from the silhouettes, please do.

B. The Absolute

If you're wondering why you keep seeing a certain girl being uploaded more frequently, then here ya go!


One of my (biggest/smallest) projects to date, stemming from a few threads I've done like this, this, and that, it'll feature a character I've shown off here before, and a chapter of their story coming to a close. I'm having a few people I know help out (in terms of writing and such), so of course, proper credit will be given.

Though, reason why I'm saying this only now (and sorry in advance!) is because this small collaboration/submission thread (where you can post artworks supposedly fitting for the project) is about to end in 4 or 3 days, at the end of July 30th. So if you want to join in, go, go, go!

Oh right, and expect it to be released somewhere around August, once it closes. Most likely will be released on Google Docs in the Writing Forum. Dunno for sure. Should I? What do you think?

C. so i noticed i have 150+ followers-

First of all, thank you SO much, I'm glad that people generally are interested in at least one of my content, or see me as generally alright.

Second, uh... I dunno what to do. I've done, what already, for the milestone? 50 had the Art Contest, 100 had the QnA, what's next..? Got any suggestions? Since.. my mind's real empty here.

D. You know, I've been thinkin'...

What's next for me after The Absolute and Delusatory Diegesis? I've been thinking about it.

I can't really pull of the same thing twice, and DD ain't getting too much traction, so I've been thinking of stuff like doing more Art Trades/Collabs and just, generally more art, hopefully uploading more frequently, once one of the/both projects are done. Maybe tell another story, if I get the chance?

Sorry to ask you again, but.. what do you think? Got suggestions, agree with somethin'? I genuinely want to know.


Conclusion - I'm a busy... well, whatever you classify me as. Thankfully not too busy, and hopefully I won't bring myself to that extent.

If you're lookin' forward to any of this, then... I'll be honest I'm pretty flattered-

Someone's pissed...




Comments (3)

Cool. I'm excited to see what comes next!


Your art keeps getting better and better! No wonder you hit 150+ followers.

Thanks, man!

Im very excited!