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Starting small, can grow big but even I'm not certain.
Accepting free commissions and finding things to get involved in, though!

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These are for the people that seemingly check in from time to time, and the people intrigued in reading this. If you want to proceed, despite this being very short, be my guest!

Hey! It's me again! Just thought a few things need to be updated, especially since stuff is 'round the corner. Alright, I'll stop jilly-jabbing, and start talking.

Status Update

Again, like before, I'm doing fine-..ish. Now, you see, the academic year is about to end next week and that means extra pressure. No worries, though, I got a few friends to help me blow some steam, but feel free to just, y'know, chat!


Aside from one (possible) last Pico Day thing, I'm gonna have to push the things I am working alone on to next week (Including a commission I got yet to start on, but I might post a filler just to satisfy a possible wait...) just to make sure I don't feel more pressured to do one thing instead of the other, but I'll still be active 'round here, so no worries.

But if there's one plan you want to know, I plan on making something... 'big', in a sense. Not a milestone celebration though, but something from a series not much know about, that is, well, big. Speaking of milestone, I should really make something when the time comes.

Last Remarks

Not much like last time, but... well, if there's something you want me to do, or if you're interested with something, feel free to tell me! Though please keep note of my remark in 'plans'. If you got stuff to tell me, PMs are open! And.. again, that's about it..! Have a swell night! Or morning!

i may or may not be changing the colors of this account to fit an upcoming 'occasion'...


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Need someone to make something for you?


If you need anyone who can make something for you, then, well, I'm open! If my portfolio interests you, that is.

Basically, I can do commissions, art trades, collaborative works, etcetera. We can discuss the details about it via private dms. And, if you still didn't know, I'm not looking to be paid back, just say whatcha wanna do, and I'll see what I can do.

A weird option, but if you just want to give advice on anything (Whether how to do this, how to improve in Art, or just something in general), feel free to PM me about that

Will be looking forward to talking with you!