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Update 5 - '5' Goes Really Well Beside '0' (And A '+' to the Very Right)

Posted by shintsukimi205 - May 7th, 2021

These are for the people that seemingly check in from time to time, and the people intrigued in reading this. If you want to proceed, despite this being very short, be my guest!



Okay, okay, uh... composure restored, but I'm pretty sure you saw me thank you guys in Update 4.5, but, y'know, I REALLY got to say it again, and maybe repeat that at times, because I never thought I'd be getting this far.

Besides that, this is most likely the biggest Update there is as of today, so, this could be a mouthful, so hang on tight!


School ended, and I'm done getting most my stuff together (If.. I didn't mention that in my last posts, d- Did I?) in order to comply with a few deadlines that are pending.

nd I don't mean school, or do I? Or don't I? I'll let you decide on that.

Though, besides that, and a newfound schedule, I'm doing alright.


Well, you see, there IS a reason why I'm sort of considering this one of my biggest updates at the moment.

You see, I'm planning a small project of sorts, it isn't too big, nor small, but something I felt inspired to do after a certain piece.

Something I'll dub 'Delusatory Diegesis' for now, until I think of another name, or until I consider a suggestion (If.. there will be any.)


Basically, the whole idea of the project is telling the stories of a few characters I have had over the past year (Including a guest character that belongs to a friend of mine, though they aren't in the site as far as I'm concerned), whilst trying out new styles to make each one unique from each other.

They may or may not be all connected. I will not reveal it to the public, but I'll consider in private...

The stories told so far consist of Ashes (Which summarizes the repeated cycles of despair of Rey Ikusaba) and Timely (Which tells the tale and struggles of Ikuro Muusaba). Though from the silhouettes being presented (Choices being the 1st and 3rd from both the top and middle row to the 1st to the 3rd from the bottom row), which one do you want to hear about next? Why not comment it down?


I.. honestly have not much to say at this point...

Unless you tune in until the end-

Again, thank you SO MUCH for the 50+ fans milestone. I'm unsure where this will take me, but I'm DAMN SURE I'll make my stay worthwhile for even one person. I promise that.

So you finally made it, huh..?

Alright, if you can do the crime, and if only you have the time, this is the new 'experiment' I'm planning.

So, I can't exactly think of a 50 fan milestone (In terms of a project to draw and such), but I can think of one thing thanks to a good friend of mine.


I'll be hosting a small 'collab piece' of sorts. Nothing too big or small, but the theme of this one is, well, 'Random'.

How it'll work is, I'll draw the background, and you (Yes, you, the one who's reading this!) will draw whatever you want. Though, uh.. one a transparent background, please! And a file size of 500 x 500 minimum to 1000 x 1000 maximum-

Anyhow, again, draw whatever's random. It can be a character you own, a character you like, or just, well, something random! It doesn't even have to be a person at this point! To the point it can just be random text on a file!

(P.S. - Don't worry about the background, I plan to work on it one the submissions are done-)

Oh right, the deadline for submissions would be until May 25th, 12 PM EST (A maximum of 3 submissions per person), just to see where this would go. And you can submit in either the comment section or a PM.

And if you read this, well, thanks for your time! And if you'll be giving a submission, I'll look forward to it!

I'm going to the Ghost McDonald's.



Comments (3)

bruh it's so good for you that school already ended there, I still have the next week left from this semester and a bunch of drawings. sculpture, essay and shit to do. I'm tired as fuck from all of these boomer teachers that they can't even use ZOOM and they blame us because of it lol. Luckily I have only two 2 exams but enough about me, congrats for 50+ subs! I like reading your stories about the characters, those are interesting. Maybe we could do another art trade sometime in the next month because I will have time then :)

Hey, I get that feeling, and thanks!
I'm actually thinking of doing another art trade with you when you and I get the time, but until then, good luck!

Glad to hear that you was thinking of the same thing about the art trade, as I said next month is perfect for me, all these uni shits will be dealt with in this month. Just pm me then and we do some awesome shit :)

Hey, take your time, and make the most of it, okay? And I'll make sure to make room for next month!

(This part is unrelated at most, but if you have the time and are interested in that project I mentioned, do you think you can pick which one sort of 'clicks'? Despite the silhouettes?)

@MyLambda @shintsukimi205 I will read again your whole post in the following days and I'll see what can I help you with

Got it!