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Update 3: Third time's the.. tank?

Posted by shintsukimi205 - 2 weeks ago

These are for the people that seemingly check in from time to time, and the people intrigued in reading this. If you want to proceed, despite this being very short, be my guest!

...whew. THAT was interesting. Especially since Newgrounds crashed because of the hype of Friday Night Funkin' Week 7.... Hot DAMN, I say. Especially with the kickstarter. I'd help out, even due to the prizes, but I'm broke, that's something.

.....okokokokok- Wait, wait wait, no, this isn't the 'Tankmen Appreciation Thread'-

-though inform if there is any-

-But something regards updates. There's a few good news and bad news though compared to before, so... let's get right to it!


Ok so as usual, I'm doing alright, thanks for asking. Though I'm in some sort of 'hiatus'? For now? I wouldn't really say that since a few things are planned for uploading. Mostly since I'm in a 'clutch' of sorts due to school, having to complete every submission including those that haven't been/overdue.


As said earlier, a few things are planned for uploading. One for Pico Day (Though not directly by me, I think), and another, well, not, but they're somewhat related to each other in terms of-

Wait, nevermind, that'd be a dead giveaway.

Anywho, I might also be uploading less due to IRL activities and having to give a few 'contributions', though I'd like to not go into detail. But then again, my PMs, of course, are open.


Not much remarks for this one, but.. hoo boy. Might go play the entirety of FNF's Story Mode because of the HUGE update.

...of course, if it gets back on. How did we get here as a fanbase/community? Having crashed the very entry of the game because of hype?-

Hey, I'm not judging, you guys do you unless it's.. immoral, then don't dot that.

But, aside from all that, nothing else aside from 'Hope you guys have a decent, if not perfect, day', because, well... yeah. See you at the 4th! If there will be any.

Oh right, one small thing. I've been thinking of doing something like 'adding a small doodle' every end-of-update-post. Y'know, as an added bonus. Something like an exclusive, but not really.

Sadly, before you proceed, it wont be Captain//Tankman because I've already prepared this very few days before this post, and to be fair I was expecting it to come out on Pico Day and not today, but early bird gets the worm.

This one's based on a comment from the first upload I did at the start of 2021, it ain't much, but I also used this to do small practice on how to do shading a bit better. In terms of where shadows go, and all that. What do you guys think?


Waiting for something to happen?


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Hey, don't worry, we're here for you!

Thanks, man.
As I'm typing this, School's done with, but then I have to let myself catch a breath or two-